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It’s more than a name, it’s our story. Sometimes you choose a name and sometimes the name chooses you. The link between a passion for family and a passion for baking quickly became a name and a brand. Nothing is gr8er (or more important) than family, and the gr8ness within …

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About the Owner

The Woman Behind the Whisk!

Stephanie Polk

The Woman Behind the Whisk

There were a lot of twists and turns to get from Port Arthur, the southeast Texas town less than a 100 miles from Houston, to owner of The Gr8 DeBake. From the United States Air Force and marriage, to giving birth to 6 beautiful children. The journey becoming a pastry chef has been extremely fulfilling. I would have never imagined that my calling would be to bake with exception of the urge to share delectable and oh so pretty desserts with my tribe. I found a love and God given talent while baking for our family on countless occasions. Inspired by my childhood, a love of cuisine and sharing in the joy of dining and finishing with a comforting dessert. I quickly found a passion doing something I perceived small with great love. The Gr8 DeBake was born from a love for family, and that love continues to fuel this operation. We have so many goals for the day to day grind and far beyond. Our number one goal is to continue to provide treats with a taste and quality that isn’t up for debate. Thanks be to God who has made all things possible, even for a little girl from Port Arthur Texas.

Client’s Testimonials

See what client’s are saying about our treats.

Thank you so much for the beautiful and great tasting poundcakes you made for my grandson’s birthday.  All three cakes were delicious but after having the children “DeBake” which cake was their favorite, the winner was the Praline Poundcake.


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