About Us

It’s more than a name, it’s our story.

Sometimes you choose a name and sometimes the name chooses you. The link between a passion for family and a passion for baking quickly became a name and a brand. Nothing is gr8er (or more important) than family, and the gr8ness within our family is the fuel behind the passion.

Why did we choose the word Gr8? Gr8ness is what we strive to provide with every recipe, with every interaction, with every opportunity we are blessed with to provide our handcrafted treats to you and your loved ones. Beyond that, the reason we decided to uniquely spell it Gr8, instead of the more traditional form, is because it represents the makeup of our family. There are 8 members of our family and all of our names have the letter G either as the first initial (Gerald & Gavin) or the middle initial (Gayle, Gabrielle, Grace, Graham, Gianna & Glory).

Why the play on words for the name? We pour our heart and soul into our customer service and our treats. We value making your experience one that will have you coming back over and over, and one that you want to share with everyone you know. We believe that after you’ve had our delicious treats, the only debate that will be had is which dessert to have next.

The Gr8 DeBake is more than a name, it is a family and team committed to excellence that you can taste in every bite. Inspired by the love and joy of sharing sweet food.