Pound Cake

Pound Cakes – Starting at $32



For a southern girl, pound cake is not merely comfort food; it is a religion. The unwritten story passed down a pound of sugar, butter, flour, and eggs to arrive at what we now call pound cake.

At Gr8 DeBake, our cakes contain these same ingredients with a twist of our unique additions, forged in 8 and 10-inch bundt molds. Our pound cakes come layered or stand-alone in a variety of flavors. Original Vanilla Pound Cake, Brown Sugar Praline, Fresh Strawberry, Lemon, Triple Chocolate, Red Velvet, Red Velvet/ Vanilla Marble, and Chocolate/ Vanilla Marble are just the start of our menu. Glaze, frosting, or both finishers are available with your order. Our selection continues to evolve, and these flavors do not represent the entirety of our menu.